Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WAR: People You Meet

I was in an Altdorf today when, look who I find (Off target).

So I smiled at him because I was happy. Because, you know, I found him. I smile to Aeoluw too, if he ever lets me live long enough.

And for the rest of the evening guess who starts harrassing me like a drunk spinster at a wedding. Which is cool and all, except when everybody else starts doing it and what at first seemed like a pleasant evening where I might actually finally ding 78 turned out to consist of me fleeing from a pair of tanks who were making my night miserable. Yes because out of the blue comes this Eanerion fellow proving every SM qqer out there just how wrong they are.

Although Blackguards are pretty sweet too.
I'm never smiling again!

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  1. I must try to get a screenie of you, pre-bloodlust.