Saturday, July 9, 2011

C'mon Mythic....

Yes, there are new things coming to WAR, yes you're working and developing but... Christ. There are things RIGHT HERE that you can fix and can make us happy and proud!

What's that guard doing? Taking in the scenery from a better vantage point?

Or maybe they're contemplating the possibility of running of and pursuing a life of piracy?

God, this makes me soooo maaaaad! The fact there were exploiters on Order side didn't help either.

It's been two years for fucks sake. These things shouldn't happen. There's no excuse for buggy guards!

No excuse.

I'm tired now.

1 comment:

  1. Cmon... It's Summer time.. the guys were at the beach... they see a ton of ppl coming.. what did you expect?? 

    I can imagine them talking to each other.

    "Hey Peter, look. Some Warriors are coming here."
    "Whoaaaa!! Ok, so.. if they're here, we might as well go take a dip in the water. They'll protect the boat. watcha think Steve?"
    "Great idea mate. Great idea :)"