Thursday, July 21, 2011

Poker Alho

Never mind the title. Just a little play on words.

When I was a little girl... I knew nothing about poker and very little about card games in general. In fact, I'm still a bit fuzzy on the ground rules for "Go Fish". After I grew up... I still knew nothing about Poker, although I had tried my hand at a few bouts of Gin Rummy (unsuccessfully).

It was around the time I started losing interest in college that I found a hidden taste for Poker. I can assure you, one never had anything to do with the other. I have never spent a dime with this habit. Wait, wait. That's not true.

I learned the basics of playing Poker with a videogame. The game was... I'm not really sure now but I'm going to go with Sega Casino for the NDS. Probably part of my bathroom rotation. Either way, the game had instructions and a list of winning hands and that's all you really need to learn to play Texas Hold'em. After a few days I started earning fake money instead of restarting the game over and over. I grew to like Texas Hold'em, even if, to this day, I still rely on the computer to tell me if a Flush beats a Straight.

Eventually I wanted a better game of Poker so I purchased Governor of Poker. Governor of Poker can be found as a free flash game where you play small tournaments and are then able to buy properties in small towns in the WWWest. With the revenue from your properties you get funds to play more games and off you go. Eventually you get to buy up whole towns and then everything in the good ole state o' Texas making you, in actuality, the Governor. I was always fairly good at it and Mike would aways sneer at me and say "so why don't you play for real money then?" (You know, I make him out to be such a badass gangsta but he's actually a very sweet guy). I never did though, and I resign myself to watching the Pokerchannel on tv (until they switch the damn thing to french and then I'm severely put off).

So here comes the reason for this post: does anyone out there know of a reliable online poker site and payment methods where a girl could start small and maybe earn a bit of extra income? I don't need anything extra fancy like and I'd like a friendly community that doesn't trounce a noob.


  1. Not to be a jerk, but.. good luck with that.

    My personal advice would be to start a regular poker game with some friends, maybe once a week or something.  Won't be a ton of income, and it won't be reliable (unless you always win) but it would feed the poker need and you wouldn't feel as bad about losing (so it goes to a friend of yours, so what?).

    Just my 2 cents.

    That said, I haven't been on an extensive tour of online poker sites either, so a site like the one you're looking for could actually exist.

  2. You're not a jerk. At least not in my eyes.

    And I did try and play with friends just nobody will play with me. And I'm not looking for a ton of income: just 5 bucks would make me happy at the end of the month.