Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WAR: I'm Warning You...

I've been mostly quiet these past few days, I know. I have a few things on my mind. Like, slotting in the balls to either start actively job hunting and/or spring cleaning around the house. When it boils down to it, playing WAR is much more apetizing. Hey, look what I did (after three gruesome years of love and hate)!

Speaking of hate. I've been near ragequitting lately because and solely because of scenarios and how it seems that the basic mechanic of them has gone straight to shit. By basic mechanic I mean that, whenever they are killed, players are able to respawn in a safe haven (known to most as the Respawn Point) in waves of 30 seconds. This place is surrounded by Elite Guards who snipe enemies who get too close in order to give players a fair chance at regrouping.


What? Don't listen? Surely, you jest! Surely, this is something out of the norm and that doesn't happen on every other fucking scenario?! Surely they are not all bugged! It's not like they pop for no good reason even when there's only a single person in the Battle for queue!

You might as well just remove the bugged ones out of the rotation for a while because going through these motions just to not get the quitter debuff is pain I didn't sign up for. Still waiting for an explanation.