Thursday, June 2, 2011

WAR: On a Mission

I'm not home so no accompanying screenshot today.

We was in an EC sc the other day and this one Ironbreaker, whose name started with a "D" but wasn't "Djolle", made it his mission to disrupt the healers. It was quite a tricky scenario with two mostly evenly matched premades. The whole thing must've lasted five minutes (which is pretty long for an EC, you'll agree). From the moment he saw me the dude made it his mission to nag me. I healed, he nagged. I ran, he nagged. I knocked back, he nagged. I detaunted, hit him, ignored him, turned my back to him, turned my face to him, ran to my party, ran away from my party and through all this he nagged. He wasn't actually making a dent, he was just being annoying.

For whatever reason, around minute three he decided to go harrass the other healer. He ran, he nagged. He detaunted, he nagged. He... you get the picture. He had a mission to do and, by God, he was going to do it.

My question is this: seeing as he didn't actually kill any of us, seeing as he wasn't really in guard range of any of his mates most of the time and seeing as he didn't successfully punt anyone off during those five minutes, could it be said that he was actually being useful? Was his effort a valuable one? Was it all worth it?

Going for the healers seems like a good strategy for a tank, at first glance. But when you're not achieving anything palpable, when your side ends up losing the battle, are your good intentions enough? I'm sure he could've punted a few mdps off the platform if he was kiting them around. Maybe not. I know I'd have tried if I was him. Or maybe I'm wrong here? Maybe you should stick to the role assigned to you?

I can't agree with that. I'd rather adapt my behaviour and role to the reality I'm facing at the time. If he was doing jack, why didn't he at least try to do something else?


  1. Did he interrupt any heals with taunt, CC or attacks? If so he did a job ok, if not, no he sucked.

  2. Also remember, IBs have an outgoing heal debuff. Which means that you were most likely only doing 50% of the healing you would otherwise do (if you healed at all that is). If he CCed and prevented you from healing as normally, while debuffing the you and the other healer I'd say he was doing his job.

    Only if his party didn't need his guard or CC on MDPS, that is. I remember Crimson ran some very succesful triple or double tank groups where we had guards to spare. Oh and an IB/KotBS that doesn't knock anyone into the pit in EC through the whole scen sucks, period. :P

  3. As others said, it sounds like his team was too lacking to take advantage of the edge he was providing. If he was really good, he'd have just gone between the two healers putting the outgoing debuff on them, and using whatever CC he can to interupt/seperate you from the pack in between.

  4. I believe he was using his outgoing heal debuff. Problem is we healers were onto him and cleansing everything away.

    The only person who died in that EC was a White Lion. He died thrice. As said, if it was me, I'd at least try something different, try assisting the rest of the melee train.

  5. Hm, sounds like he wasn't any good. :P

    IBs have quite a few curses which he could have used to mask the debuff and prevent you from being able to cleanse it.