Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fable III: To Get Or Not To Get!

After the whole APB frustrating debackle, I found myself still craving for a game where I could hunt down and collect various pieces of customisable gear. WAR filled the immediate gap (although it is not that immediately gear dependable) and I was sacciated for the day after dying a chest piece a different color.

I had left the 360 on during the night after going through another one of my Demo binges. I had a lot of crap and potential gems waiting for me. One such Demo was Fable III.

I've played and finished both the previous titles but I hadn't heard anything relevant about the third one yet. Maybe that was a good thing? But, surely, if the game was awesome I would've heard so by now. That's how I ended up buying Mass Effect: I'd heard about it.

I started it up and the first impression I got was 'My GOD this is slow'. I mean, the intro sequence suffered a low FPS rate. I felt bad for not having an appropriate machine to run the game for just half a second until I remembered this is a console we're talking about. So that was disappointing. But I got past it once the introduction was done and I was allowed to move my character around. The character design is a bit more cartoonish than before but I really don't care. I didn't notice if the game had a subtitle option but I hope so because I live in a zone that suffers from a high air-traffic rate. While I can understand english dialogue perfectly without the aid of subtitles, I can't halt airplanes in mid-flight because a particularly interesting cutscene is starting.

I won't bore you with the details of how I ended up murdering what was supposedly the love of my life to save a few peasants I'd never met. I wanted some action. After a long winding hike through bat country, I finally found the light of day only to be prompted back to a cave that serves as your menu. Fine. That doesn't bother me. As long as it's fast to get there, the menu could be a damn chicken, I could care less.

The whole demo felt very Fable-y. And the main aspect that enforced this feeling was the music. You've got to hand it to Lionhead, they're loyal to their tunes. The music in Fable is unchanged since the first installment of the series and, in my opinion, this is no bad thing. The score is good enough to withstand the test of time and soothing enough to set an epic mood without intruding. Did I hear that Danny Elfman had a hand in it? Well, that would explain a great deal.

In any case, after acquiring all the possible weapon types, the demo drew to a close and I was left salivating for more. It wasn't groundbreaking and I heard it's very very short. Short to the point of being over when you start getting into it, and are then left to help prostitutes clear out their territory of competition. Meh.

I don't know. I'm completely torn. Should I buy it? It's only €30 which is half the price I'd pay if I went out and bought a new game in a box. I'm guessing it has some entertainment value but I'm also bracing for a disappointment. But is it worth me spending my money if I already am bracing for disappointment? Is there anything better out there for me to spend my €30?

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