Thursday, June 30, 2011

WAR: Guilds

Lots of wasted potential here.

Or maybe I'm wrong?
WAR is a PvP game by definition and, as most of you know, when people contend with other people, it is more efficient to do it in numbers. I mean, that's what wars are all about. If that wasn't the case, heads of state would be going at it in the rink, head to head, mano a mano, for our viewing pleasure. Like lions or moose or bears.

However entertaining this notion might be, mankind soon realised there is strength in numbers and that was that, really. It only makes sense that, in virtual wars people try to stick together to battle it out in numbers towards the win.

In WAR, guilds are the ultimate representation of grouping for a fight. People in a Guild like each other and learn to function effectively as a team. In a game that throws man against man in competition, in even grounds, the team that uses men (and I use the term "man" loosely here) most efficiently, wins. So it would make sense that guilds were more important in this game than what they currently are.

I was bored one day so I started scribbling down some ideas on how to make Guilds in WAR more interesting and relevant.

Standard Bearers - Nowadays standard bearers are nothing more than Renown leeching facilitators. They run a bit faster, they're immune to damage for a short while,  are able to grant the enemy CC immunity and they're able to ressurrect one person once every blue moon. Even those Aqshy things in CoC (is it just me? Really?) do more than that.Why not make standard bearing more interesting and relevant? Bearing a standard in a real fight is just boooooooooooooooooring and they occupy a vital slot in a party instead of someone that could be dealing damage, preventing damage or healing hit points.

Hasty collage on the importance of standard bearers over the ages.
If you're intent on this play-as-monster thing or whatever, change standard bearing to give you useful abilites like a bellow that increases morale by a dramatic amount or one that drains it from the enemy; the bearer could yell out an order to increase damage output in detriment of self preservation or command everyone to turtle up and sacrifice dps. Something, you know? Force a SB to make vital decisions in the midst of battle; to be a leader, an inspiration. Because, as it stands, you only carry a standard out if you're pugging and want to leech a bit more renown. And I'm pretty sure standard bearers are more important in the tabletop than that.

Guild Trophies - I hear rumours that there is something in the game about guild trophies only it's not implemented. That would be nice though, wouldn't it? I'm sure anyone can conjecture about ways of gaining siad trophies (killing certain PvE bosses X times; winning X scenarios with guild only members in a party; gaining X renown in ORvR) but what would they be for? I have no idea what the original plan was, I haven't looked into the subject much, but I'm sure I can improvise something here on the fly. Let's see... maybe certain trophies could grant the guild's standard bearers with afore mentioned abilities. Other trophies could grant guild members access to store bought items like potions and talismans. Or even unlock access to new areas or dungeons where no man dares tread alon. Oh, but that would entail new content wouldn't it? Hmmm...

Bah. Doesn't matter. Again, just territory my mind wandered off to while I was bored and answering phones. I'm sure the developers could think of and... develop something better and more exciting than this. I mean, that's what they're there for, right?



  1. Thinking about WAR developers and what I'd like implemented always leads me back to me imagining them scratching their arses, drinking beer. Or the one guy scurrying around, frantically trying to get the next patch out cause he's the only one in the office.

    In any case, the idea behind standards was a glorious one. They were supposed to give bigger bonuses when wielded than when actually planted (or was it that no bonuses were given when planted). The trophies were supposed to add usefulness to them and reflect how successful the guild was. There were even plans on having the standard bearer drop a scrap of the fabric, which would be used as a token to buy some of the best armor.

    Yes, there were plenty of good ideas. If WAR was conjured straight from the developers initial ideas it would have been awesome.

    About fighting like a group; the problem with it is that the saying "the chain is only as strong as its weakest link" holds true for the most part. You cannot carry people when facing good opposition. Which means that if you are an individual that is (or you think you are) good, then you will have to step down to the level of the worst of your guild mates, which means you'll be struggling against (or be evenly matched with) people you personally are better from. Which is fine if you can find a guild where the skill of everyone is comparable (how it was in Crimson), but such guilds are kinda hard to find because of how difficult it is to manage and run them.

    Bleh, I'm ranting.

  2. Don't mention Crimson. I get cold sweats.

  3. You're goddamn right Sara.  Potential of guilds is so completely underdone.  Your standard bearer idea is a very example of something they could implement simply instead of Fires of Askiesbaskies in temporary scenarios. They could integrate with the campaign, like boost ram damage and stuff.
    In tabletop Standard Bearers give everyone in range of the banner better ability to reroll leadership tests, so they don't panic, break, or flee as often. The standard Bearer is a might hero in itself. 

    We do use banners with stat % boosts in WB sometimes but you are right, it's not a pleasant job to be standard bearer. It's a putdown if anything.  "Any tank want carry banner?"  ...silence... "maybe SM?"

  4. I agree, they were GREAT ideas, if they only worked the way they were supposed to.  And yes, against good opposition, everyone better be doing their best, or you're all toast.  Bah.  Good post though, Sara!

  5. Hoho yes. Being a SM is so tough. With all that pounciness and dancing. :)

  6. Thanks. If only Mythic thought so too...

  7. I put something similar on the suggestion box a couple of months ago here:

    I like your idea of making them tactically relevant though.