Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WAR: Impart Thy Wisdom

Even after much time spent in WAR, there are some things I don't know and would like to, mainly:
  1. A good PQ to solo farm as a Sacrifice DoK or as a Magus.
    • Would be nice if the mobs were human so I can scavenge them as well.
  2. Wasn't there a quest for changing your crafting skill without having to regrind it to 200? Did they remove it? If not, where is it?
  3. The best recipe for armor pots that last a while (not just 5 mins) and the best way to gather such materials.
  4. Best way to make money on the AH. Part of point 1 refers to this as I was thinking of undercutting rank 200 boxes in the AH. But without a reliable source for them, it becomes... troublesome.
If you think you're all that, that you know everything that needs knowing about WAR economy, we want YOU! Queue Uncle Sam's accusing finger!

... please?


  1. Best Armor Pot recipe I've found is
    1 - lvl 150 or 175 vials... whatever the highest level ones you can buy from merchant are.  These get semi-expensive quickly if you don't have other means of income.
    1 - Lvl 175 (or 200 if you have them...) chitin shards (Dune Stalker's Chitin is most common)
    2 - Majestic Goldweed (for the multiplier as well as stabilization... goldweed has an internal multiplier so you'll get 2 pots instead of one)
    1 - Taut Gobswort (extends to 1 hr) 

    The super-crits (900 armor for 1 hr) go for upwards of 50g per stack on AH, so you can fund yourself this way, if you want.

    Best place to farm I've found (Destro side anyway) is the PQ in LOTD with all the scarabs in it... if you walk towards TOVL in a straight line from Destro WC, you'll basically walk through it.  The one where you have to go underground and seal the tombs, etc.  Check it out.  Just farm that and you'll be set.

    Other means of funding on AH: LINIMENTS!  or HP pot super-crits... those go for 20-30g per stack, so you can easily fund yourself this way.  LIiniments are almost ALL profit thought, so those are my preference usually.  Good luck!

  2. 1. Good question. What's the goal to achive? Some specific content? Or simply and only talisman containers? (Unfortunately my knowledge of PQs on destro side is limited... )

    2. I think the quests still exist, but can only be done once. So if you once switched your crafting profession, a new change has to be worked for.

    3. Rikker got it quite right there. Nothing to add.

    4. Yea, potions can earn you some money. If you farm lv 175 and 200 armour shards, like Rikker said, you'll at the same time end up with raw materials for linment. They sell for nice money, if you make those which are in demand.

    Also, selling junk from butchering to NPCs gives some nice money. Not a fortune, but way more than any other crafting stuff.

  3. Nice one. Though I already used that LotD pq with my butchering alt. I don't seem to find goo primals there, though. Have made a lot of useless Resists linis and the like :S

  4. Main point would be scavenging for curios (200) and if I could leech the boxes from them the better.

  5. I hear ya.  Yeah, it's true that it's not great for primals, unless you're a healer (like me) where you can pick up a semi-decent amount of Lini: Mercy mats.

    That said, single best place for armor shards I've found.  Farm there for an hour or two and you should be set for a week, depending on your playtime.