Friday, March 11, 2011

You Should've Met Me In The '90s

Remember the '90s? I do. I had the best time in the '90s. They were my thing. It was a time of baggy clothes and ludicrously large shoelaces. Mike will tell you how he loved the '80s, how all the best music came from the time of pink spandex overalls and big frizzy hair. I'll say the exact same thing about the nineties. Because I heart them and I want them back.

As with all decades, the '90s can only be said to have oficially taken off circa 1994. It is a well known fact that the first few years of a decade actually belong to the one that preceded it. It's like an acclimation period, when people and trends interiorize that the calendar has changed and that some major change is, in fact, required for evolution to proceed.

Having been born in 1985, I remember most of the nineties. Just the other day we were surfing the youtubes for old favourites we used to watch as kids. Bear in mind that these things reached us with a slight delay, rights having to be purchased and some things needing to be dubbed.

I remembered spending hours in front of my second parent, my old Sony Black Trinitron, delighting at the sight of this magical shows from foreign lands. Some lands were even more foreign than I could ever imagine.
One of the shows that made an impact on me was Gargoyles. I can't believe how I'd forgotten that show existed. It was so emotionally charged. These creatures, these stone-made-flesh men had been betrayed but they still believed, they endured and, every day at dawn, after toiling anonymously for our safety, they would return to their perch on top of that tower. Everything about this was totally completely fucking epic! Shows like this shaped our generation, shaped what we play and watch and listen to. You can't deny that. Well, maybe you can and you could even have a point but hey, I liked it. 'Twas awesome.

Other awesome things included several anime I didn't even know was anime until I sat down and actually thought about it a few years back. I also remember the music. It defines a decade, doesn't it? What young people listen to.

I wasn't very picky when it came to music, I'll admit. I'd usually just endure what everyone else was listening to and I won't bore you with the musical torture I endured growing up. But I did grow to like Simon & Garfunkel and Cat Stevens a lot during this period. My mom was upgrading her vinyl (or as I saw a young hipster say the other day "a vinyl CD". I stared at him, slack-jawed in horror) collection and when she brought these new CDs home I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. And I liked it. A lot. Pair that with my obssession with videogame music, a mild taste for Nirvana and my unbeknonwst passion for Smashing Pumpkins and a Sara had been reborn. People will ask me what kind of music I like. I tend to cringe because I can honestly say I love Ryuichi Sakamoto or Madredeus but also adore The Strokes and some Placebo. I will dance David Fonseca on my way home or drum my fingers on my legs to Iwasaki Taku. I'm all over the place when it comes to music and I have my experiences in the '90s to thank for that.

Also, I couldn't dance but, let's face it: nobody could dance in the '90s. Nobody. Just check the first season of Buffy, you'll see what I mean.

I could go on forever. But I better not.

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