Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rift: "Your workshop is not big enough"

Oh, so there's something big happening today? Hmmm....
I'm more interested in sharing my experiences of yesterday, concerning PvE and crafting.

I managed to piggyback on a Darkening Deeps run. Darkening deeps (DD) is a level 23ish dungeon that, like any other dungeon, I'm willing to bet, circles around the "kill or be wiped" motto and not much else. You go up a ramp, you kill some things, you roundhouse kick a few shrines, you go down a ramp, you kill more things, scissor kick more shrines, rinse, repeat, loot, wipe, res, wipe, "getting late", "was fun", "maybe some other time."

As with the rest of the game, I was not disappointed but neither was I pleasantly surprised. I was playing the part of main healer, doing my best to look as competent as possible while still hearing a faint voice in the back of my head whispering you don't really know what you're doing, do you?

Spider bosses.
Fuckin hate them.
But, then again, healing is healing. How much of a learning curve can you possibly get? You have some spells that restore hit points gradually over time and others focused on burst. Some are cast instantly, others take longer. Apply them when needed, no real big secret there. Most challenging thing is deciding where what is needed and when (if that even made any sense).

When we got to a spider boss (read caption) we wiped. Mainly because there was more to it than "apply HoT; hold; apply HoT". And then we wiped again for other reasons I was too tipsy to remember. And then my soul vitality was down to 25%.

In the days of old, ships leaving port for far-off uncharted lands would often employ a portuguese sailor for they possesed a unique skil not found on any other kind. The art of desenrascanço. This ancient skill is no more no less than the ability to make do and pull through any situation using whatever meager means at your disposal. It is a skill that has permeated the entire world, as seen here, and a skill I have resorted to many times in my gaming career.

When I respawned outside the dungeon I was in the middle of nowhere, forsaken amidst a horde of annoyed goblin-like creatures. I needed to find a healer but it was clear that none of the goblins were inclined to help me in any way other than relieve me of my health. I jumped up and down the road for a while and ended up soul recalling back to Argent Glade. I couldn't find a healer there either, mostly because I was getting stressed that everyone was waiting for the main healer to come back so I ported to Sanctum. Surprise, couldn't find one there either. I went outside and crossed the bridge, remembering that time I fell off the bridge and died only to respawn 10 meters away. No healer there either. Fine, I thought, I'll just make do.

I wish I could tell you that we fought the good fight, and the spider let us be. I wish I could tell you that, but Telara is no fairy-tale world. Well... actually it is but hey, that's how the quote goes. We wiped again, our lack of AoE making me pull every single ad and being setback into forever.

More like Pigkilla
 We called it quits and I decided to craft a little before turning in. Crafting, for me, is a slow process. I went with Butchering, Outfitting and Runecrafting. The thing is, I lack the patience to specifically hunt down certain mobs to skin them. Some people though, as shown above, seem to have all the time in the world and all the willingness in the world and make it their futile mission to erradicate the pig genus from the shard.
I can't do that. I can't be that leet or that no-lifer. I just can't bring myself to lose hours of my life tracking down virtual pigs and ending their fictional existence. I do want to be a master crafter and I don't wanna spend all my money in the auction house.

Soulkilla, you depress me.

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