Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Avoiding The Plot

Yesterday, after reaching the final battle of Dragon Age 2, I realised I had somehow sidestepped the romantical conclusion of my love interest. I have no idea how. I found myself slaughtering innocent mages for no good reason at all. I was downright peeved.

I've always been an expert at avoiding plot hooks.

Once, a few years ago, we were playing Vampire: The Masquerade. For those of you not in the know, V:TM is a writing utensils roleplaying game set in White Wolf's World of Darkness (old). I was never actually a GM (Game Master, read storyteller) but I was an avid player. I still am, if the occasion presents itself.

So. I don't really remember what we were doing or what was going on but I do remember I was playing a Malkavian cab driver. If you know what a Malkavian is you might even think I was completely in character. Or maybe, knowing it, you might think I completely wasn't. I was driving around and this man in a black suit and a briefcase jumped on the hood of my car and yelled 'PLZ HALP!' or something to that effect. If you were in a game where you're a deranged vampire with PTSD that owned a cab and the game was pretty much just begging for something to happen, what would you do?

I floored it and GTFO out of there, that's what I did. You should've seen the face of the GM when I said 'That's my final answer.' He had to try hard to advance the story from there. Him and every GM I've played with since. That single event marked me in my circle of friends as The One Who Will Flee From Plot even if it was just that one time (I've been told it wasn't just that one time and I'm inclined to agree for I remember hearing 'this isn't going to be like the man with the suitcase again is it?')

My point is, I have a very short attention span. For instance, I was sure there was a point to this post that had something to do with blaming Canada and that there is finally a Facebook game I'm not ashamed to be playing. But somewhere along the way the plot twisted and I failed to notice. It's a wonder I can even finish games at all.


  1. Lol, was the facebook game the Dragon Age one? ^^

  2. You know me too well...

    And why the fuck didn't they name Dragon Age II 'Dragon Age: Whatever'. You had Origins, Awakening (not a game by itself but), Legends, Journeys... Why break the cycle? That's what I wanted to blame on the Canadians!

  3. That's because they didn't want people confusing DA2 with any old expansions or DLC. They wanted people to KNOW it's the sequel. I mean, how else will the game sell. It's not like anyone bought the DLCs and Awakening.

    But yeah, the correct order of things is what it's all about. Still don't know what's that got to do with Canadians (is Gankalicious involved?).

    Btw, I read that the facebook DA game is kinda shit since you can't really play it much unless you pay for actions or something. How is that working out for you? (I don't use FB so I can't check it out for myself :P .)

  4. Loving your fails since 2011.

    Bioware is Canadian.

    So far it's more entertaining than busting bubbles or scrubbing down cows (*shudder*).
    You pay for actions with stamina that is replenished as time passes. If you're a real fan of the game you can spend real money to have more of it but I'm not that rich or that much into it. It has music form the first game's soundtrack so that's kinda cool.