Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WAR: Rank My Sorc Up!

Wasn't Prodigy great? No? Well, I liked them. Did you know they were named after the Moog Prodigy? No? Well, now you do. You're very welcome.

So I rolled yet another Archmage (can you believe it's my third?) but this time I did it on Norn. Hey, if I can, I will. Maybe one day she'll be high enough to contend with the likes of... Seeno. Grr.

But since I've been healing non-stop on my main and I was afraid to get bored with it (again) I decided to go make the rounds on all my alts. I regeared my Sorceress, wittingly named Pirilampo Mágico (I don't think I purchased a second name yet though), and off I went to try and kill stuff. And by God, I killed lots of stuff. Doombolting willy nilly in scenarios. I find that killing other players is actualy quite enjoyable. Imagine my shock!

Ploiter heal Champion hiding in the spawn point. Classy.
We pulled him out and killed him. 75k renown.
I'm really looking forward to playing her again. In fact, wtf am I doing here?


  1. Hi Sara, you have a great blog here, and it's breath of fresh air to read about something other than WoW and Rift for once. So, would you be interested in a link exchange? let me know to this email if you do: cathemeyers @gmail.com  good luck!


  2. I'd have to know what a Moog Prodigy is for that info to be useless. Now, I need to go start a fire.

  3. It is a synthesizer you heathen.