Monday, May 2, 2011

Little Big Smackdown

With the PS3 back on its feet Mike looked at me with his big puppy dog-eyes, wagging his tail and pointing his snout at the Little Big Planet box. Although the memory of an electrified wheel that halted our progress through the game still haunted my dreams, I caved in. He did fix the damn thing, after all.

Still, I also remembered having a lot of good laughs with the game. Pulling him back at the last minute causing him to fail-jump into a spiky death was always a crowd pleaser. That and him smacking me around with a frying pan in response.

The game is actually quite fun and doesn't scream "kiddy-timesink". We're both mature (*snicker*) adults and we thoroughly enjoy spending our post dinner/pre bedtime break hours getting through the levels. It's like Doritos: Crash Course only with more levels and more customization and... more fun. then again, it isn't for free like DCC is. It's also possibly the one platformer that I can in all honesty say I like (not counting Prince of Persia. And that Outland thingy looked somewhat cool in the demo... Damn you Ubisoft!)

It's not completely fair to me, though, when we play LBP. We only have one PS3 controller so I end up connecting my old PS2 one using the good old reliable "Orange Dragon" as I always called it, due to the fact that the thing is orange and the brand has a "dragon" in its name somewhere. It's cool that it works but the signal gets mixed up and the X and O are switched and so are SQUARE and TRIANGLE. The left analog stick is all wonky so thank heavens you don't need it in LBP for anything apart looking gangsta. START and SELECT are also switched. All this means is that my brain goes through an extra loop whenever I get on-screen indications.

Long story short, Mike got it in his head that he'd buy LBP2 to get a "cheaper" second controller. Oh well. I think I still have some Guitar Hero stickers left (after I spent an obscene amount covering something up on our bathroom wall) that I can decorate my new controller with. And maybe I can convince him to play some pew-pew games with me. We did enjoy Army of Two when we tried the demo together, which is the only way to play it apparently. Too bad we yell so much at each other about who's going to kill what and split screen makes our heads hurt.

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