Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WAR: Things I'd Do

I'm bored.

Whenever a faction won a city siege I'd host a special event in their capital city, the scope and size of which would depend on the number of successful instances that faction had had. There would be a big celebration, warriors would be allowed to dance, for once, expressing their joy for finally accomplishing something. Scantily dressed ladies would hand out AP potions to entertained passersby. There would be fireworks and celebratory music, taking advantage of the wonderful sound staff that Mythic obviously has. For five minutes, that is,  then it would be back to bashing as usual.

It just seems to me that when you win a big battle and nothing happens, it kind of defeats the purpose of it happening at all. Sure, we get phat lewt but this is supposed to be beyond loot. It's about winning over the other side. It's about having your ideals proven superior over what the Orders your opponents believe in.

Now I've managed to get some wonderful mental pictures of Chosens grinding Zealots, DoKs and Witch Elves taking their tops off, Blackguards twirling their spears and Orcs playing any kind of appropriate percussion instrument, like the corpse of a Slayer. I mean, is there anyhting in the lore that says warriors can't have fun? Especially Greenskins, I bet dem bitches have tons of fun.

In related news.

Mythic recently asked what we like about crafting.

What is your favorite aspect of the current crafting system?

My views will mostly reflect talisman making as it is what I'm more familair with. I like it that the grinding up to the useful items isn't as tedious as it could be (I will refer you to my battle against burlap). Also, you can make items that are useful for any level, depending solely on the crafting supplies you use (once you're 200 that is). I have pushed my alts up a notch above teh noobs due mostly to the talismans I am able to craft for them. Feels lovely.

What do you consider the most useful item(s) that can be produced in the current crafting system?

Crit talismans, Power talismans, liniments and armor potions. I just listed the only things that derive from crafting that I actually use. And you can limit the liniments to the ones that give power and crit. All others are just junk in mah trunk.

What single aspect do you feel is lacking in the current crafting system?

Diversity. Useful diversity that is. I've got two rows of useless liniments in my bank that I'll never use and nobody will ever buy.

What if you could specialise in different types of talismans or potions? Or if you were able to combine useful effects from some with others. You could even put some kill quests in there to learn or use these specializations. Like, say, you could pretend a key ingredient for that awesome new potion you wanted to make was A Bright Wizard's Scorched Heart or a Slayer's Left Big Toe. You'd have to go and kill a whole bunch of players to make your best stuff.

What type of item(s) or benefit(s) do you feel are lacking in the current crafting system?

Or about Octopus Twohanders?
And we'd call them Takoto!

Jewelry. For goodness sake I can't even begin to think of the hours I've sobbed over the lack of caster jewelry sets. Sure there are plenty of others (Strife&Torment, Ascendant Verses&Deep Oaths, The Lost Vale set, the one you have to kill a billion gnoblars to get; these are all very tankish) What if you could make some jewelry to get you going until you can find a decent jewelry set for your caster, AKA, ToVL.

Oh. A girl can dream...

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