Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Comfort Food

So. Yeah. Might have left this on a bit of a depressing tone. But bad things happen and you deal. Life is for the living and all that.

While I grieve the loss of my old life and start building a new one I'm planning on drowning my sorrows on a few oldies but goldies I found lying around. I might pick up Dragon Age or KotOR again. Funny how I find most solace in Bioware. Funny or predictable. Your choice.

Also amusing is that I am now apparently the proud owner of a retail copy of World of Warcraft which spiked my interest for about 3 seconds. GuildWars is sitting right next to it, though... Hmmm.

Well, I prolly won't have much time for playing whatever anytime soon, just a few minutes/hours at bed time. Packing and unpacking is always a bitch and I should know, I've done a whole lot of it these past few years.

I just hope I actually get to play something soon so I'll have less gloomy things to post about.


  1. Guild Wars is hard to do in small chunks of time, but has the singular advantage of it being possible to stay logged in virtually forever, so if you run out of time halfway through something you could technically let it idle and come back to it later.  Not that I've ever been halfway through a mission and just turned the monitor off so I could get some sleep . . . noooo.

  2. Hey, that kind of thing is always tough.  Since I don't have anything especially useful or comforting to say, I'll say this:  Best of luck, and keep moving forward.

    Oh, and don't play WoW... you'll regret it ;P.