Friday, December 23, 2011

Mini-WTT: Pet Peeves

Yes, I know, it's not even the weekend yet! It's just the end of the week. Well... I have another post lined up for the actual weekend. I've been busy and I'll be even more so. So if you desperately missed me or are just bored at work, I'll leave you some lines to entertain you for a few minutes.

You know what I hate? Not a whole lot, I'm a very mellow person. But there are a few things I really can't stand.

3. Michael Jackson

Not a new pet peeve by any stretch but it has certainly escalated since his death. Why can't he stay dead? I don't see anyone rushing to produce two or three more Amy Winehouse shows/CDs/Experiences now that she's dead. I had little patience for the man-like entertainer when he was alive and dangling babies out of balconies but he's become downright unbearable now that he's dead. If Supernatural has taught us anything is that "what's dead should stay dead"

2. American Localization/"The Office" Phenomenon

I have nothing against the United States as a whole. In fact, it might be a very nice place to live for all I know and I' m sure it's filled with delightful people and others not so delightful, much like any other charted place on this our blue Earth. But what I can't swallow is the torrent of Americanized TV shows I've come across in the past few years, most of them copied directly from the Brits, those funny buggers. The first time I ever experienced this was with a show called "Coupling". I was a follower of the show, if not a die-hard fan. Imagine my surprise when I sat down to watch another episode and discovered I was watching the first episode again but with a different cast with an American accent.  My mind couldn't process this aberration and the show was cancelled to the delight of all after just four episodes. I wasn't quite so lucky with the American version of "The Office". While I found the original version to be funny and sarcastic, most of the American version just comes on as a bit... sad.

On a related note, the complete opposite happened recently with the "reality" show "Wipeout" as in that it spawned in the US and birthed a myriad of international versions, including a British one. One of Fox's many channels here plays at least three versions of them each night and I was never sold on the American hosts. But that Richard Hammond, although not the funniest man to ever grace my screen, manages to make me chuckle more often than the other two's puns ever will. Plus, you don't get Americans calling themselves "Ginger Ninjas". Canadians, maybe.

1. Mario

I miss VGCats, don't you?
I cannot express in words how much I dislike this character. The overweight midget plumber with a mustache that would impede even the most voracious of animals to get any soup in. I hate him. I'm tired of him. Why would a child ever be fascinated by a plumber in overalls throwing fireballs at turtles is beyond me. They keep revamping it and remodeling it and putting him in new "exciting" scenarios. Why can't they just make another character for kids to look up to and play as? Every time I hear a "itsa me" I feel like snapping my index in someone's eye. I hate Mario and it should be impaled, burned at the stake while I dance naked around the fire in delirious ecstasy.

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