Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Call Me Lazy Bugger

But a lazy bugger you'll always save a special place in your heart for.
I'm not getting into why I haven't blogged. Nobody's really interested. Not even me.

I've been going over a few (read "around 10") oldies but goldies. Some I'm going back to because they're so awesome, others I'm playing for the first time because they say they're so awesome. Having done some soul-searching, meditation, contemplation and navel-gazing I came to the realization that I'm only living once so I might as well play certain things before I expire. God forbid I'm an old lady, taking my last breaths in my time-worn mattress when the thought occurs to me that "I never did give Half-Life a go".

I say that but I still haven't. I'm not dead yet so I'm hoping there's still time. Then again I'm expected to join in a street rally against the national state of affairs soon. Guess me having said time to try Half-Life or dedicate more than 5 minutes to Fallout will depend on my surviving that.

Still, my gallivanting charge through older games comes from a dire need to fill a gaming void in my life. I've since given WAR a rest again as it wasn't satisfying enough to justify its monthly weight on my finances, so I find myself with a craving that can only be described as "the need to equip things".

Equiping things isn't something you can just up and do in real life. You don't get up and equip a pair of pants. You don't go out in the world determined to succeed in whatever endeavor you chose to get a pair of pants that is slightly better than the ones you have on. Well, maybe you do, but I don't. I long for a single player game focused on gear grinding with a girly story. Like Mass Effect. ME3 is still a bit far to dream about, even though we already footed for a Kinect specially for it. Oooooh, Kinect how I must rant about you on some later date because you absolutely make me want to crawl on walls throwing feces at every which way. With a frown and not a smile.

I've tried RPGs, RTSs, Sims, FPSs... I've gone through my repertoire on the Ps3, 360, Wii (a fairly short one), DS, PSP, PC and iPad. I even tried Sword&Sworcery. But, as Bono has said many times before...

When I was a much younger girl, it was times like these when I could find solace in a Squaresoft release but Squaresoft has gone the way of the Nintendo and have adopted, apparently, the same philosophy: if something was wildly successful twenty years ago, give it an aesthetic makeover keep releasing it year after year until it's as popular as Barbara Streisand. But if you remember the tale of poor Barbara you will realize that people know who she is but that doesn't mean they like her.

I'll be spending the next few hours writing about the games I have gone through. This was, after all, a blog started for me to keep track of things I've played and what my impressions of them were. It has saved me from trying to start FFXIII again countless times.

Food for thought.

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