Monday, February 28, 2011

Rift: "You have tunnelled into a new area"

I love Dungeon Keeper quotes. There's one for every ocasion.

So, after trying Rift out this weekend I have to say: it's not bad. Which is not to say it's not good. I enjoy the time I spend there, sure. The questing isn't bad, it's along the same lines as any questing - speak, kill/collect, return, reward - and I've explored a bit of the PvP content and one dungeon.

The sky, it has a rift.
With Rift I seem to have the same issues I have with every other game. I never have any bag space, for once. I tend to seek a healing function, no matter the class. Also, in trying to find the path of least resistance to a location I pick up every possible mob and end up spending twice the time I would if only I stuck to the road.

One thing I do love, though, is a small graphical bug I sometimes get. My Rift character is a tiny human (Matthosian) Cleric with a pure healing role and a sole PvEing role more focused on insta-gibbing stuff. She looks a bit bland, with her Planar outfit flapping between her legs. But sometimes (usually after I die) all the colours on her clothes turn black and shades of gray. The outfit loses none of its textures and it's only visible to me. Still looks awesome.

WAR has made me into a PvP addict, I discovered and, more often than not, I'll be trying to get down a road only to have constant Warfront pops. It took me only a few tries to get used to a new healing perspective, mainly the fact that AoE heals are centered around a target and not myself. One crucial difference that has hampered my success is the lack of both an offensive and defensive target. WAR had this wonderful idea and, according to what I was told, it was quite novel and unique. I would have loved it if they had kept this concept in Rift but you can't expect a new game to be a copy of an old favourite. Still, I often find myself trying to heal a Rogue and end up healing myself. Not so cool. Still topped the healing charts a few times, though.

At some point, Defiants invaded our lands or so I hear. I was offline at the time. This, however caused a response on our side which is told to have been quite epic and impressive. It was also described as sloppy and only a tentative  incursion to explore the open-field PvP facet of the game. Wish I'd been there. My biggest wish is to discover that Rift can provide those epic camp fights, with 200 people on each side, everyone sweating their balls off trying to subdue their opponents. Now that's a feeling.

Now all I have to find is the folder the game saves screenshots to.

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