Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WAR: Don't Cross Da Beams!

We had a lot of fun during Gobbo night this past weekend. And, although I could spend this time going on about how 24 goblins bashing on a ram is all about Order can take, I won't. Sorry if the title fooled you. I'm sure Boots has that covered. And I wouldn't want to read all about it again if I were someone who dropped by.

I have been spending most of my time on an old project: finishing up all the quests in the game and getting as many Tome of Knowledge unlocks as I possibly can. I'm friends with a player that once asked for my assistance in finishing up a PQ. He's quite the competent little Magus so I stood (and stand) ready to help qhenever he asks. He then admited he was trying to go through every single PQ in the game. I found it odd, at the time, but the idea stuck with me. Guess I have him to thank for this.

During my travels I have found some interesting/disturbing things.

For instance: did you know there's a small cove in The Blighted Isle (or is it Chrace) that has nothing but rank 9 Champions and Heroes? (I know you knew, Tru.) And there's nothing there. Nothing. I killed them all and inspected the place thoroughly.

I also discovered another interesting/disturbing bug in WAR. I completed an unlock (kill 100 spites, something easily accomplished in a PQ in Ostland, otherwise known as Cheeseland) and this unlock was supposed to reward me with a Bestial Token. It didn't so I filed an appeal. Imagine my disbelief when, upon answering my appeal, the CSR informed me that I indeed had a Bestial Token in my backpack and asked me if I could please go through it again. The thing was there, only it was invisible. HA! Invisible currency! I wish that was a first.

I also came across a curious mob called The Herald. What does it do, I wondered. It did nothing but vainly try and kill me so I killed it back and got a title. And a scrap of paper. The whole thing sounded familiar but I can't place it. Oh well, mustn't be anything important, I'm sure.

The night ended with me accidentaly roaming into Order territory and getting shot to grisly death by camp guards. I'll continue roaming the wilds for unlocks. Specially because there's one about Wolf habitat in The Blighted Isle I can't seem to find. I now hold a personal grudge against a fairly useless piece of trivia over PvE in a PvP game. Hurray for me.

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